Morning Moments

with Sandra Bivens Smith

You Are Worthy

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There is someone who needs encouraging.  Someone who feels unworthy.  Someone who feels defeated.  Someone who feels they have failed – at work, in their family, with God.  Is that someone is you?

A favorite life verse for many is Jeremiah 29:11 in which God makes a promise to His people who are being held in captivity.  It is a wonderful promise.  If you’ve never noticed though, the promise is preceded in verses 8 and 9 by an important warning – a warning against discouragement.

So often, in spite of knowing better, you measure your life by the successes of others. To your way of thinking, your own accomplishments seem petty and insignificant. Write this down, make it bold, underline it:  That’s a lie!  Such a thought pattern is the work of the enemy.  You see, if Satan can convince you that what you do is unimportant, that even your best efforts fall short, he knows you will eventually become discouraged, give up and do nothing at all.  Satan is a messenger of defeat.  Satan is a liar!

God has a different message for you.  It is a message of truth.  It is a message of encouragement, a message of hope.  The Bible says that creation itself testifies to the glory of God.  Creation:  that includes you and me. (See Psalm 103).  You are created for God’s glory!  How awesome is that?  1 Samuel 2:30 says –  but now the LORD declares: ‘Far be it from me, for those who honor me I will honor.  Think about that, the LORD God – Yahweh honors those who honor Him.  God gives us honor so that we, in turn might honor Him.  Who is man to discredit or dismiss that which GOD honors?

I hope you will begin this week’s lesson – “A Sense of Purpose”, with prayer for protection.  Ask God to protect your mind from the lies of the enemy.  Ask Him to keep you reminded of His truths – that He created you for His glory!  He honors you!  He always delivers on His promises.

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Author: Sandra Bivens Smith

Christian Writer Speaker Small Group Leader/Teacher

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