Summer Bible Study For Women on Zoom

Beginning July 5th and through the month of August you’re invited to join me on Zoom at 7:00 each Tuesday evening for a time of growing in God’s word.

Begins tonight!

July 5th-26th

A 4 week study from the book of Jonah. When God calls us, we have to decide – obey or run away. And, like Jonah, the decision we make will have great consequences. In studying the life of Jonah, we have an opportunity to learn many things; this book is only a sampling of what God can teach us through the life of Jonah.

Register by July 15th

August 2nd-30th

A 5 week study from Paul’s letter to the Philippians. We will learn that joy is not a response to life’s circumstances rather it is what gets us through life when our world is falling apart. We will come to understand that joy doesn’t just happen, it is a choice.

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