Morning Moments

with Sandra Bivens Smith

Do You Want Unspeakable Joy?


I believe that the first step in having more JOY is to want it.  That may sound ridiculous, after all, who wouldn’t want more JOY in their lives?  But, as silly as it sounds, it has been my experience throughout my sixty-seven+ years, that there are people who (seem to) enjoy being miserable.  These are the people who, no matter what blessings they receive, they are never satisfied. There is always some little detail that’s not just right and rather than enjoy what is, they put all their attention on what isn’t.  You know what I’m talking about don’t you?  Every positive word they speak is overshadowed by some negative. (Please, don’t be offended, I’m speaking from personal experience).

If you are one of those people, you have two choices.

  • forget this study – it will be a waste of your time,


  • you can take a hard look at your attitude, commit to changing how you look at life, and allow this study of God’s word to bring you the JOY that has long eluded you.

The choice is yours, I pray you will choose JOY.

For those who are still here, we have some choices to make as well.  We can go through the motions – read each lesson and file it away, or we can truly invest in the truths we are given.

Speaking of investing, there is a little preparation we need to do.

  • Read the book of Philippians.
  • Write a paragraph about what JOY means to you (be specific).


Notes about the study:

  • Each week’s post will include a sidebar with A Word To Remember (a memory verse).  
  • At the end of each week’s post, you will find a link to the Study Guide.
    • The study guide will have two sections:
      • “Let’s Review” – some questions on the week’s discussion to help you go deeper into the lesson 
      • “Finding Your Joy” – some things to ponder that will help you apply the principals you’ve learned.  

I look forward to taking the journey to JOY with you trusting God for His guidance and blessing as we go.