Morning Moments

with Sandra Bivens Smith

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But Mary kept all these things and pondered them in her heart (Luke 2:19)

but His mother kept all these things in her heart. (Luke 2:51b)

As I reflect on 2017, I can’t help but wonder where the year went.  In truth I want to know “where have all the years gone”?  I know I’ve asked this question before, and no doubt will pose it many more times.  Yet, as many times as I’ve asked, I am no closer to understanding.  The minutes turn to hours, the hours to days, and the days, all too soon, become years.  Kids grow up, I grow old and the generation that came before me passes on.

If only we could learn to grab hold of and cling to those precious moments before they slip away.  But we don’t.  Funny thing about memories, they aren’t memories until the time has passed and all to late we realize that we cant get the time back – no matter how badly we want to, no matter how hard we try.

It’s true that we can’t hold back time but we can make the most of it.  We can leave behind for those we love sweet rememberances of life.  Each day we can do our best to make something better.  It doesn’t have to be anything big – it can be something as “small” as an encouraging word, a special smile, a hug, a token.  And, we can collect memories by looking for and embracing the acts of love we receive from others.  We can open our hearts and minds to each precious moment; grab each one and hold on to it before its gone.

Some sweet memories will be made today – by us and for us; let’s not let them slip away.  If we’re careful, maybe, just maybe, at this time next year, we will look back with a smile and say “that’s where the year went”.

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The Blue Pen

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.  [Philippians 4:19]

I’m a little worried about myself this morning.  As I prepared to write in my journal just finding my pencil became a major project.  I looked in the bottom of the bag where I keep my journaling “supplies” and while there I came across an eraser.  Pretty sure that I would probably need it, I went ahead and took it out of the bag.  I also removed my journal – I knew if would need that; and then I laid the bag to the side.  As I opened my journal and started to write, I realized there was a problem – the only instrument in my hand was a yellow eraser!  This meant that another expedition through the bag was in my future.  Eventually I found the pencil but admit there were flashes of doubt.  For a moment, I thought this was going to be a blue pen kind of morning (a blue pen is my optional writing tool.  Although not my favorite thing to write with, I have found that it does work better than a yellow eraser).

Life.  sometimes we find what we need before we need it.  Sometimes we have to ingnore what’s at hand and keep going until we find what we’re looking for.  And sometimes, we have to write with a blue pen.