Morning Moments

with Sandra Bivens Smith

Book Corner


If your spirit is dry and your water pot is empty – take a journey to the well.

“Never Thirst Again” is a 9 week study from the gospel of John. In this study you will discover how Jesus wants you to drink deeply from the well of living water and have your thirst forever quenched. You will learn that Jesus wants you to have

•more joy
•more peace
•more power

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God tells us in Isaiah that His thoughts are not our thoughts and our ways are not His ways. If we want to know His thoughts and His ways, we have to study His word.

Paul wanted the early church to have all the knowledge they would need to live the victorious Christian life. In his letter to the Ephesians, he gives them, and us, instruction in how to apply God’s word to every area of life; He taught them what it means to be a Christian.

 In this 12 week study you will discover:

  • Who you are in Christ
  • Who Christ is in you
  • How you can live the victorious Christian life
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“Choose Joy” is based on Paul’s letter to the Philippians – a book that is commonly known as a treatise on joy. The counsel Paul gives us in this letter comes from his experiences; it is his personal testimony to God’s provision. Paul’s trust in Christ got him through situations most of us could not begin to imagine. That same trust that got Paul through his storms can get you and me through ours. As you spend time in Paul’s letter to the Philippians you will come to realize that joy is not a response to life’s circumstances rather it is what gets us through life when our world is falling apart. And, you will come to understand that joy doesn’t just happen, it is a choice.

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Jonah was called by God to go to Nineveh and preach. But Jonah didn’t want to go and so he ran from God.  He quickly found out how futile his efforts were.  

It is the same with us.  When God calls us, we have to decide – obey or run away.  And, like Jonah, the decision we make will have great consequences. In studying the life of Jonah, we have an opportunity to learn many things; this book is only a sampling of what God can teach us through the life of Jonah.