A Psalm of David. I waited patiently for the LORD; he inclined to me and heard my cry. (Psalms 40:1)

LogoWho among us can pray this Psalm to the LORD?

When you carry your burden to Him, do you wait patiently, or do you fret, question or even doubt?  How often have you taken it to the altar and laid it down only to pick it up again?

Take heart.  Even when your patience (faith) fails, the Lord hears your cries, He delivers you from confusion and gives you peace.  Can you even number the times He has lifted you up and shown Himself to you?  Can you begin to count the times He has delivered you from your enemies?

Look again at the Psalm – the Lord doesn’t just wait for our prayers to come to Him, HE INCLINES toward us!  He doesn’t merely listen when we speak, He bends down, He stretches toward us to hear even our silent cries.

When doubts come, pause and pray.  Remember His promises, His faithfulness, His goodness. Wait patiently on the LORD.


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