What Matters?

Good morning!

Before we dig into this week’s study, I would like you to take a moment for a little self-examination.  Ask yourself this question – “what are the 3-5 most important things in my life?”  Don’t be too quick to answer.  Take some time to search your heart and mind; take time to pray.  What we’re going for here is complete honesty with ourselves, even if it hurts.

Now that you’ve made your mental list, write down those most important things you just named.  As you read and study, keep the list in front of you so that you can test your thoughts against the word of God.

In my younger days, especially in my years as a new wife and mother, I stressed over many things.  It seemed Mamma could always tell when I was worried and I can still hear her voice saying to me “a hundred years from now, it won’t make any difference”. Little did I know then that Mamma was trying to teach me eternal thinking.  Now that I’m older and (arguably) wiser, I find myself often replaying Mamma’s words and wishing I had given them more attention.  Paul doesn’t put it in the same way Mamma did, but his message is the same – if we want a fuller life, if we want more joy, we have to know and keep our focus on what matters.  It is my hope that this week’s lesson will help us do that.

Thanks for coming,


P.S. Please encourage others by sharing here your own experiences in “Choosing Joy”

Click here to “CHOOSE JOY”  Principal 3 – Awareness of Priorities

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