A Study on Discernment

The Charges

Somewhere in the distance, above the venomous screams, the woman hears a kind voice. Trembling in fear and wracked with shame, she finally dares to open her eyes, and there is Jesus. We can imagine Jesus removing his cloak and gently covering the woman’s nakedness. Never has she experienced such kindness. As He stands to face her, her fear turns to disbelief, her shame turns to amazement. Then, this man, who literally holds the power of life and death over her, asks the question: “Woman, where are they, did not one condemn you?”

She wonders who this man could be. She heard them call him Rabbi but he certainly doesn’t act like he is one of them. She will later learn that this man, the one they call Teacher, is Messiah. Redeemer. Savior. The One who will one day judge the whole world.

Read John 8: 9-11

How tender this final scene. All her accusers have dropped their stones and walked away. Now, it’s just Jesus and the woman.

Points to Ponder

  • Was this woman innocent or guilty of the charges against her?
  • Does Jesus pronounce her guilty? On what do you base your answer?

What do the following verses teach us about guilt.

  • Ezra 9:15
  • Jeremiah 2:22
  • Romans 3:19

Something to Think About

Have you been beaten down by feelings of guilt for past, confessed, sins? Are you living under shame from the harsh judgment of others?

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