A Study on Discernment

Living Life by the Book

I remember when my Daddy bought our first set of encyclopedia. The year was 1959, the encyclopedia a twelve volume set of Compton’s. Daddy was so proud, he read them as if they were the newest novel. Owning this priceless set of books took the arguments that were so common in our household to a whole new level. Whenever there was a dispute about anything, we knew we would soon hear “get the book”! The book was the authority and whatever it said pretty much settled it. The tradition continued throughout my Father’s life. Even though the world wide web was at his fingertips, it was his beloved encyclopedia that was the final word on any subject.

Every day we make thousands of decisions. Most of them are a natural part of our daily routine and we aren’t even aware that a decision has been made. But then, there are those situations that come along that aren’t so routine: Am I going to tell my boss about the mistake I made, or try to hide it? The clerk gave me too much change, give it back or put it in my pocket? I betrayed my best friend’s trust, confess and ask forgiveness, or just hope she doesn’t find out. A coworker is flirting with me, smile and enjoy the attention, or ask him to stop.

These are the kinds of decisions that may seem irrelevant at the time but have the potential to change the course of our lives. Where do we go for advice? Some of us will look to Oprah or Dr. Phil for advice. After all, we tell ourselves, they have a finger on the pulse of the world, they are the experts. Others of us might call a friend, someone we can always trust to give us “sound” advice based on past experience and personal opinion.

Read Proverbs 3

Points to Ponder

  • Making right choices requires
    • That we trust in God’s word and not our own understanding
    • Acknowledge God
    • Turn from evil
    • Keep sound wisdom

Something to Think About

If we are serious about making right choices in this world gone wrong, we have to turn to the only authority that matters. We have to get The Book!

© 2012 Sandra Bivens Smith

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