A Study on Discernment

Who Can be Righteous?

In my daughters Sunday school class she was discussing with the children how we become righteous. One of her students raised his hand and answered “by what we do”. She was so disappointed. She is constantly trying to drill into them that righteousness is of God, not of our own efforts. Why, she asked, can’t the kids get it?

Read Galatians 3

Points to Ponder

  • We can never be justified by the law
  • The law was given to lead us to Christ
  • Our righteousness comes through faith
  • Isaiah tells us that our own righteousness is like filthy rags (64:6)

Something to Think About

Are you, like the little boy in my daughter’s Sunday School class prone to think that righteousness is the result of being good and doing good? Ask yourself “how good is good enough to please a perfectly holy God”?

© 2012 Sandra Bivens Smith

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