Christ Our Captain

Behold, I made him a witness to the peoples, a leader and commander for the peoples. Isaiah 55:4

When Isaiah anticipated Christ’s advent, he said that God had given Him to be a Leader and Commander to the people. He has the pre-eminence, not only because of His original glory, as Son of God, but since He has won it in His obedience as Man.

Never has the will of God been wrought out so perfectly as by our Lord; and in this we are called upon to obey and follow Him. He was made perfect through sufferings, so shall we be; and as He is now crowned with glory and honour, so shall we be.

The only way in which Christ could bring us to share in His glory was to submit to suffering and death. In no other way could He act as the Mediator of the Divine life to us who are His brethren.

Similarly, if we would become the mediators of help and blessing to others, we also must be prepared to suffer. We must learn to do despite to our own will and way. The way of the Cross is the only path to the Throne. We can only reach our highest by the constant saying no to self-life. This will involve suffering and pain; but only so can we follow our Captain.


Teach us, O Lord, not only to bear, but to love Thy Cross. As we take and carry it, may we find that it is carrying us. AMEN.

Adapted from “Our Daily Walk” devotional by F.B. Meyer

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