Six Essentials of Christian Maturity

This week “Morning Moments” will be sharing with you from an article in which Alistair Begg discusses the essentials of the Christian life.

The Christian life is not a series of a few special performances; it is steady persistence for a lifetime. Many of us can produce a burst of enthusiasm now and then. That’s not particularly difficult. The real challenge is to stay the course over the long haul—not a flash in the pan but steady, stable, and persevering in the essentials of maturing faith.

The second half of Hebrews 12 presents us with a to-do list of sorts for the Christian life. It’s not a quick-fix, three-easy-steps-to-success kind of list, but it does offer us six important ways to walk in enduring Christian maturity.

This article was adapted from the sermon “Essentials of Christian Maturity”by Alistair Begg.

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