The Immutable Holiness of God

Immutable doesn’t simply mean that something is unchangeable or unalterable, it means that the thing is incapable of changing. Therefore, not only is God’s holiness never changing, it cannot change!

God’s glory and His holiness are inseparable; His holiness reveals his glory.  In his commentary on Psalm 29:2, John Gill wrote: “holiness is the beauty of God himself, he is glorious in it”.  To say that God is holy, is not merely to describe His character, God’s holiness defines His person. 

We hear it all the time concerning God’s word, “that was then, times have changed so those commands aren’t relevant to today.”

Because God’s holiness is immutable, we can know that His word is immutable as well.How can we know?  God’s holiness, along with all of His attributes, His Love, His Truth, His Justice – (all these and more) are not what God is, but Who God is and as the Bible tells us, God cannot deny Himself.

 In a world where things are changing daily and uncertainty is a fact of life, we can and should take much comfort from God’s immutability.  Because He is immutable, we never need to wonder or worry that God will change His mind; that what we believe in today could be different tomorrow.  God’s immutability is the reflection of His faithfulness.  If He has said it, we can count on it. 

Scripture tells us that He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  That means that even when we fall short of God’s glory, and we will, He is faithful to His word.

Excerpt from “Knowing the God of the Old Testament “ ©️ 2020 Sandra Bivens Smith. All rights reserved.

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