My eyes shed streams of water, Because they do not keep Your law.
(Psalms 119:136)

It’s a known fact, we women love to cry and will use pretty much any opportunity to do so. When our husband remembers our anniversary, we cry – and when he doesn’t. We cry when our child is born, when she starts school, and when she graduates – not to mention all the events in between. We cry when we get news, both good and bad. Tears can be a wonderful thing, a balm for our wounded hearts.

Tears can be a wonderful thing, a balm for our wounded hearts.

We look around and we see the mess this world is in. Every day the news reports on some unspeakable act of violence, we are surrounded by fear and anger. We all have concern as to what the future holds for ourselves and our children. Many of us are tearful over the uncertainty we face.

If we take an honest look at what’s going on in the world, it’s not hard to see the true source of our pain, it is the failure of people to keep God’s laws. As a nation and as individuals we have allowed sin to seep into our lives without much resistance. We have been too quick to turn a blind eye as evil has gained more and more ground. If there were ever a time to follow the lead of the Psalmist and shed tears over the violation of God’s laws, now would be that time.

So, cry on sisters. Continue to indulge in the soothing that comes from tears. But, may I suggest that when your spirit is troubled and you feel like your world is upside down, your greatest comfort may come crying out to God, shedding streams of tears out of sorrow over the failure of people to keep His laws. I am confident that if we do so, God will hear our cry and bring healing and comfort to His daughters.

Copyright ©️ 2009 Sandra Bivens Smith. All rights reserved.

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