Reminiscence Of My Mama

Having awakened at 4:00 this morning, I feel like I’ve already had a full day! Prepared some devotions for Heart2Heart, wrote in my journal, watched some TV, visited FB, let the cat in and the dogs out, enjoyed a couple cups of coffee.

But mostly, I have spent the morning thinking about my Mama and how, even after nine years since she passed, I miss her.

I miss her laughter, it was infectious. I miss her wisdom, the kind that can be gained only from life experience. I realize that I never fully appreciated either and I regret that I didn’t.

I miss he cooking, every dish included that special ingredient-love. Mama always whistled while she worked. I miss her whistling. Because of it, her chores always held the sound of joy. I find myself whistling sometimes when I work and when I do, I think of her.

I miss her love of life and her love for the people in her life. She had a way of making you feel important. She also could make you (mostly her children) feel rotten! I now know that she was only doing her job. Of course modern psychology would dispute her methods; chastising, telling us “no”, questioning our judgment, and especially the method that involved a hickory switch (I do not miss that sting,😣). But then, Mama wasn’t really into modern psychology.

As were most of her generation, Mama was always proper (but never snooty). She was humble without intention or any awareness of being so. Mama selfless and kind and caring. Mama didn’t talk much about faith, she simply lived it and in doing so set an example for her children and all who knew her.

Mama was, and in memory still is, a woman deserving of honor . And so I do. Margaret (Maggie) Lingerfelt Bivens

May 21, 1931-September 30, 2010


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