About two or so years ago I began writing a new bible study. I tried out several titles for the book and finally settled on “Choose Joy”. Because we’re friends, and I know I can trust you not to say anything, I can tell you, the process was anything but joyful. Aside from the indecisions on the title, there were endless edits. The original sixty-some pages grew to more than one hundred and twenty.

But finally, the edits are completed. The book is approved. Joy has come to the Smith household.

As I have spent time with the book, or more accurately, as I have spent time with THE BOOK, I have come to appreciate the true meaning of joy. I have learned just how true it is that joy is a choice.

It is my hope that as you read “Choose Joy”, as you study what God’s Word has to teach us about joy, you will find, as I have, a new appreciation for the joy that comes from living life beyond the circumstances.

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