A Study on Discernment


For some time I have wrestled with the seemingly lack of discernment among fellow believers. There is an endless supply of resources, available with the click of the mouse, and yet, how can we know who to trust? This is has been a source of much prayer and through those prayers I have come to feel called to offer a bible study series on the topic of discernment.

As times grow more and more uncertain, as our world becomes more and more fluid, it is becoming more difficult, even for seasoned believers, to navigate the “gray areas” of life.

It is my hope, that through a careful study of God’s word on the subject of absolutes, we might come to a fuller understanding of what God has to say about the Christian’s moral discernment and, through our understanding, be empowered to exercise Godly discernment in any “confusing” situation.

If we are to live as truly righteous people, we must see the laws concerning things such as forgiveness, judgment, and justice as God sees them. Unfortunately, in our mass media society, the lines have become blurred to the point that even Christian’s often look at God’s laws as having shades of gray. However, as Christians we must accept the fact that God has given us moral absolutes. The commands in His kingdom are black and white.

Honestly, I am not completely certain of the direction or even the format this study will take. To some extent, I will be “making it up as we go along”. I feel confident though that in the weeks ahead, with prayerful commitment to God’s word and an open heart to the Spirit’s leading, we will come away armed with the knowledge and confidence needed to make right choices in a world gone wrong.

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