A Study on Discernment

The Accusers

We live in a world gone wrong. Most every day the evening news delivers stories of –

  • corruption
    • dishonesty
      • dishonor

The stories are always the same, some –

  • political leader
    • religious leader
      • business leader
  • has an affair
    • betrays a sacred trust
      • cheats thousands out of their life savings

Big news at six and eleven, but by morning they are back in the –

  • political race
    • pulpit
      • penthouse office

We begin this study with an account of a woman caught in an act of adultery as recorded in the gospel of John. As the story opens a group of “righteous” men have brought a woman to Jesus and demanded that He pronounce judgment – that’s exactly what Jesus does. However, as you will quickly see, Jesus’ pronouncement is not what the men were looking for, nor was it what the accused woman expected.

Read: John 8:1-11

Points to Ponder

Sin – Who defines what sin is? How can we discern if something is a sin?

Judgment – How are we to judge? Is there a difference between “world perspective judgment” and God’s judgment? Are we really to judge at all?

Forgiveness – What is the difference between condoning and forgiving? Why is forgiveness so important?

Holiness – Is it possible to live holy lives in an unholy world? What does holiness look like?

Something to Think About

Every day we face choices. Sometimes the choices are easy, sometimes not so easy. Whether we end up in front of a news camera or in front of our own bathroom mirror, there will come a time of reckoning, a time when we will have to live with choices we have made.

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