A Study on Discernment

Saying it Don’t Make it So

As a baby Christian I pretty much accepted any teaching that used the name of Christ. I loved going to Christian book stores believing that if a book was on their shelves it must be trustworthy. As I studied scripture and learned God’s word I came to understand that just because someone claimed they were writing “the gospel truth” didn’t make it true.

Read 2 Timothy 3:13-17

Points to Ponder

  • False teachers will continue to grow in influence
  • Only the Holy Scriptures give the wisdom thats lead to salvation
  • We must know the truth so that we can share the truth

Something to Think About

Paul warns Timothy about the false teachers that will seek to destroy the work of the gospel. He exhorts him to prepare himself to defend the gospel. And, he reminds him that Inspired Scripture is completely adequate for training us in our Christian faith, to help us grow in righteousness. We would be wise to take seriously and to follow the counsel Paul gave Timothy.

©2022 Sandra Bivens Smith

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